Welcome To West Virginia Traveler

WV State Capitol at Dusk. Image provided by D. Thomas Gallery

For the past year West Virginia Traveler has been a vision in my mind. Today, I finally sat down and put pen to paper so to speak. What will WV Traveler be about? Simply put, I want to chronicle my travels through this great state. Mainly I want to inform people of the amazing sights West Virginia has to offer, and the rich history surrounding this beautiful area that I call home. I will be looking for help from all of you during this journey. I’d love for you to share your adventures and must see places as well as just give us a review on a recent experience. I’m always open to feedback and will welcome comments on my posts. Obviously, most of the content will be opinion based and our tastes may not be the same so the only rule I would love everyone to follow is to be respectful of the other visitors and of West Virginia. Like everywhere in this world West Virginia has its ups and downs and I want to highlight those ups so that people will want to continue to visit our great state for camping, hiking, rafting or to check out a WVU or Marshall game. We have a lot to offer and I want us to share a little bit of “Almost Heaven” with those that haven’t had the opportunity to experience this great area that I call home.

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